Behold, a perfect clutch of Red Delicious apples (which would soon be in our bag)
Pick your own apples! There is an instinctual need to pick apples this time of year, no? Make lots of juice in your juicer with them, make pies, dip them in honey or peanut butter. Just get out there and support your local orchards. We picked some really excellent apples at Tabora Orchard in Bucks County PA the other day. I like how they let the trees grow a little higher so you can climb a bit and reach for those beautiful Red Delicious ones at the top! Neighboring Peace Valley Winery has apples that grow on more bushy type apple trees so the kids can reach for them a bit easier, the yellow ones there seem to be good for pies and such. Real apple juice looks different than store bought but it still tastes phenomenal. For an orchard near you, goto http://www.pickyourown.org Don't forget to bring your own re-usable bags too!

Apple juice has a lot of natural sugar, but it is very heavy on Vitamin C and anti-oxidents. Mix it with some veggies to tone down the sweetness or drink it straight for a great refreshing treat. I remove the stems with a small pair of pliers, cut them in half, and toss them into the juicer unpeeled. For a slightly less bitter taste, peel the skin prior, but you will lose some nutrients. I added some baby carrots and celery to sneak in some veggies.